come on


come on


  • to request to hurry (something)
  • to ask to go faster
  • to plead to do something sooner
  • to bring something forward
  • could be used with a sexual connotation

Example Sentences

  1. The waiter asked us to come on and get the table before the people who had reserved it would arrive. Big tips do work!
  2. I have to be at the exam hall in 10 minutes, please come on!
  3. We had asked her to come on the train ride with us, so she obliged.
  4. The builder said, “come on, we must hurry” to his project manage when he was visiting the site.
  5. “Sir, please come on this way’, the usher said to me in the theatre.
  6. Come on, you are delaying me too!
  7. I ask my children to come on when they sit for food every day.
  8. The case from the trial came on way too early. This is good for our judiciary system.
  9. The person who tried to come on her on New Year’s Eve was caught on the very next day.
  10. Come on, I want to watch the movie today!
  11. Come on, I have only few minutes before I must go.


The phrase is also a verb which is used in its literal sense. Although it is only a speculation, it has originated in the 13th century.

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