call it a day

call it a day


  • stop doing something, especially working
  • to give up work and go back to home
  • finishing the work of a day
  • to discontinue some regular activity

Example Sentences

  1. After second heart attack, she decided it would be best to follow her doctor’s advice and call it a day.
  2. I am not done yet, I can’t call it a day I need to work more for couple of hours.
  3. I think we have done enough work today, I am feeling tired now, let’s call it a day.
  4. After providing services for more than 30 years to NASA, Bill Scot decided to call it a day.
  5. I am fed up of going work at early morning I am just calling it a day and will look for another easy job.
  6. He has been a paperboy since last 6 years but now calling it a day because he just got a better job in a multinational company.
  7. These days Ronnie is watching television everyday more than three hours a day, his Dad going to call it a day immediately after arriving from his business trip to abroad.
  8. We call it a day right after the 9 hours of hard working everyday, neither more nor less.
  9. When you are going to call it a day? I wonder why don’t you just return back to your hometown when things are not in your favour there?

This phrase was born when a worker was leaving for home before doing his work accomplished and originally related to the phrase “call it half a day” initially found in 1838. It was used to say goodbye to work by employees before the working day was over.

The original appearance of the “call it a day” phrase was in 1919, and of “call it a night” in 1938 by the employee those who worked in night.

C 3 Thoughts

3 Thoughts

Is the “call it a day” and “call it a night” are similar?
If so, please mention the meaning of “call it a night?
Thank you

- Zainab Ayaz May 1, 2021

If someone is wrong we call it day.

- Adesh S April 28, 2018

After 30 years of active service my father called it a day last month.

- Khuram February 10, 2018

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