bundle up


bundle up

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to dress warmly to protect oneself from the elements
  • to wrap something tightly
  • wrap up
  • tie together
  • dress affectionately

Example Sentences

  1. It is important to bundle up before you go out to keep from getting cold.
  2. You need to bundle up the children before they go and play in the snow.
  3. Even though I am in college, my mother still tells me to bundle up when I am going out. She still sees me as a child.
  4. I bundled Andy up before allowing him to go outside. They are expecting freezing temperatures tonight.
  5. I will bundle up all of my clothes and place it in the hamper to get washed.
  6. I bundled up all of his belongings before packing it. I hope that nothing breaks on the way to the new house.
  7. Would you please bundle up all of the projects and put them on my desk before you leave?


The word bundle has been used since the 1300s. It means to bind a collection of things together. The verb phrase bundle up can be traced back to the 1850s.

It is an informal phrase that is often used when speaking about children. You would not tell a colleague or superior to “bundle up” before going out.

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