black out

black out


  • to be in a semi unconscious state so as to not have any memory of a particular moment
  • usually it is a short span of time when a person only remembers everything going ‘black’, hence is referred to as blackout
  • to go in deep shock so as to no longer be in cognizance of the environment
  • darkness or faint
  • a failure of electrical power supply (blackout)

Example Sentences

  1. The child’s mother blacked out on seeing him at the hospital. Subsequently she had to be hospitalised too.
  2. I had a black out at the party and do not remember him bringing me home.
  3. My husband who is suffering from a dreadful disease occasionally has black out
  4. From childhood, her daughter has frequent black outs. She is suffering from a neurological disorder.
  5. I cannot have another black out. I want to stay awake through the procedure.
  6. She blacked out immediately after learning about her father’s death.
  7. We don’t the reason but the whole city facing the blackout.
  8. There was a system malfunction which caused the blackout due to thunderstorm.


The phrase belongs to those that have been formed based on their literal meaning. Blacking out is the phenomenon of not being able to recollect anything for a short period of time. While it is often used as a synonym of passing out but it is for a shorter duration usually. Only the medical dictionary explains the difference and in usual parlance one is substituted for another all the time.

black out Synonyms

faint; lose consciousness;pass out; swoon

blackout Synonyms

power failure; power outage; brownout

B 2 Thoughts

2 Thoughts

My thoughts when reading the words black out relate to the slave period when black slaves where forced to do extremely exhausting work either in the engine rooms of ships or rich farmers lands until they faint!! So the term black is out bring another one. Shaming history of humanity!!

- M. Melhas September 27, 2020

It was amazing and too much helping thank you so much

- Wurat October 31, 2018

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