bend over backwards


bend over backwards


  • do all in one’s power (usually to achieve something or accommodate somebody)
  • make every effort to do something, especially to help someone
  • work very hard to accomplish something for someone
  • make a special effort to please someone

Example Sentences

  1. Banks are bending over backwards to provide facilities to the depositors.
  2. They held him in high regard and were prepared to bend over backwards to help him accomplish anything.
  3. There is tough competition in the industry and companies are bending over backwards to keep their customers happy.
  4. He will bend over backwards to help you; you just have to ask.
  5. Our hosts were amazing people and bent over backwards to keep us comfortable.
  6. We was desperately wanted a promotion and would bend over backwards trying to please his boss.
  7. When his children were small, he used to bend over backwards to fulfill their needs, but now they do not care for him.
  8. He bent over backwards trying to please his potential clients so that they would give him the contract.
  9. She bent over backwards trying to accommodate her guests into her small room and taking care of their requirements.

This phrase has its origin in gymnastics and was used as early as 920 CE to compare the athletic act of bending the back to doing something difficult.

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The municipality and the government should bend over backwards and take drastic measures to resolve the waste mismanagement immediately.

‒ Anna Ilia March 2, 2024

When I hear, “bend over backwards”, I think of the act of kissing the Blarney Stone. One has to contort oneself backwards in order to kiss the stone.

‒ Robert Lindschmidt July 12, 2021

Sorry, I misspelled my name and left out the word, ‘when’ between “mind” and “I”.

‒ Lo Pe December 2, 2016

The image that comes to my mind I hear the expression, “bend over backwards” is of how people counterweight a heavy load they carry in their arms by bending backwards. To me it means carrying more than a fair share of the load (of work).

‒ Lo Oe December 1, 2016

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