baby blues

baby blues


  • The depression that is caused to new mothers after childbirth.
  • Anxious behaviour following childbirth.

Example Sentences

  1. Do not speak to her in a rude tone, she is just going through some baby blues right now and needs compassion from you.
  2. Mothers often go through a phase of baby blues after their bundle of joy arrives.
  3. Baby blues do not have a definitive remedy but if your condition is severe then a visit to a psychiatrist will do you good. This was the advice that her gynecologist gave to her when she spoke about extreme anxiety issues.
  4. There is no such thing as chronic baby blues. It passes with time.
  5. Now a days even new dads face baby blues, it is a serious condition according to many studies.

The term baby blues was in existence even before the World War 2, but at that time it was referred to the blue eyes that most babies were born with. This was because of the lack of melanin pigmentation in the children. This phrase has taken to mean what it means today after Nicholson J. Eastman coined the term in his book Expectant Motherhood in the year 1940. He also wrote in his book’s later edition that to avoid the baby blue condition, expecting mothers should not have more than 10 cigarettes in a day.

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