a golden key can open any door


a golden key can open any door


  • The prospect of receiving money will end up in getting any task accomplished.
  • The ‘golden key’ in this phrase refers to something that is valuable, mostly money but can refer to other things as well.
  • Even if the valuable item is promised and not actually given out, it will lead to getting things done.

Example Sentences

  1. You should tip the reception staff to get a table sooner because a golden key can open any doors.
  2. You should use a golden key to open this door otherwise it is almost impossible to get this contract for another year.
  3. His father is a rich man so he uses his golden key to make the workers do everything he says.
  4. To know a politician in this day and age, in itself is the golden key that can open any doors.

The first known literary use is by the English writer John Lyly in 1580. His work was titled ‘Euphues and his England’. It was later made popular in a movie called ‘The magic Christian’ which Ringo Starr and Peter Sellars get people to humiliate themselves by paying them a good amount of money, thereby proving the theorem of the phrase.

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