a little of what you fancy does you good


a little of what you fancy does you good


  • It is a coveted way of addressing the benefits that one derives out of having sex.
  • Currently it is used for more purposes which includes more desires than sex. Which means that if a person gets what they want then it is good for them.

Example Sentences

  1. He was very happy to work overtime today because he could go home half day on his anniversary. A little of what he wanted has done him good.
  2. One should have sweets every now and then even they are fattening because a little of what you want can do you good.
  3. Take a walk in the park, go out with friends and rejuvenate every now and then because it is true that a little of what you want does you good.
  4. It is not impossible to take a day off from work for wanting to play video games. If it helps you calm down then a little of what you fancy does you plenty good.


A singer in Queen Victoria’s reign called Marie Lloyd made this expression popular through a song which was titled as such. She was famous for making even virtuous material look to be lascivious but the sexual overtones of her singing has now been overlooked.

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This is very much a British (English) phrase, and it is from the Cockney dialect. In other words, it is working-class slang. It would not be used by “proper” English speakers. This is more to do with class distinctions than impropriety. Also, your definition say “coveted” way of talking about sex. I don’t understand this unless you meant “covert” way, i.e. a secret or hidden way of talking about sex. “Coveted” means “highly valued and desired.”

‒ David Roddis June 4, 2021

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