wear off, out


wear off or wear out


  • Something that deteriorates or changes by wearing
  • Something that diminishes slowly due to washing, getting scrapped and rubbed.
  • A garment that can no longer be used.
  • Time, effect or age which passes tediously and slowly.
  • Obsolete or out of fashion.
  • Gradual wasting of a garment.
  • Deteriorating quality.
  • Weakening, waning or declining.

Example Sentences

  1. That garment is completely worn out. Why don’t you just throw it away?
  2. I was drugged through the operation but now it seems to be wearing off.
  3. Don’t wear off that shirt, it is my favourite.
  4. I was forced to throw away that dress because it was so badly worn out.
  5. My heels are worn out so I cannot walk with you at this speed.
  6. There was so little to say to each other, time wore out.
  7. The fabric is great right now but will wear off with time.
  8. My wedding dress is completely worn out I get so upset every time that I think about it.
  9. If you would have kept it safe, your wedding dress would not have worn out.
  10. Her makeup was worn out by the time she even got to the stage.

The origin of this phrase is not available.

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