twist arm

twist arm


  • to make someone do what you want by making it difficult for them to refuse
  • to persuade someone to do what they don’t want
  • to pressurize someone
  • to coerce, force or cajole someone
  • to strongly encourage someone to do what they don’t want to do

Example Sentences

  1. I did not want to attend the concert, but he twisted my arm into it.
  2. They had to twist his arm a bit, but they managed to get him to join the team.
  3. We had to twist his arm to get the information out of him.
  4. I’ve twisted his arm a bit and he will get you the passes to the event.
  5. Do you intend to cooperate or should we twist your arm?
  6. If he doesn’t agree, you have to twist his arm till you get him to agree.
  7. The witness was reluctant to cooperate at first, but when the police twisted his arm, he came out with the details.
  8. If you find him difficult, just twist his arm a bit and he’ll comply.

This phrase originated in the mid 1900s and refers to using physical force (by twisting someone’s arm) to get something done.

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