surgical strike


surgical strike


  • to cause injury or damage to the intended targets
  • it is a military attack that takes place with surgical precision and is extremely target oriented to cause harm to the enemy line
  • to hurt the enemy in such a way that there is no collateral damage but the target is achieved

Example Sentences

  1. The surgical strikes that the Indian army carried out in the year 2016 were an example of the strength that they hold. The enemy better not mess around here.
  2. I am starting a surgical strike against my socks and vow to find the pair for each one of them in this messy drawer.


The origin comes from the military but because of the words it is focussed on the operations that are performed in hospitals. The strikes are surgically precise which just hurt the intended enemy and all organs around it are safe and secure. Often carried out covertly the military operations started using surgical precision after targeting the enemy camp in such a way that there would be no damage to anyone or anything else in the fight. The enemy is unprepared and hence the strikes are quick to destroy what is intended.

If not used in the military sense, this phrase can be used sarcastically to cause humour.

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