skating on thin ice


skating on thin ice


  • to do something considered quite dangerous or risky
  • to be in a situation that can get quite dangerous or risky

Example Sentences

  1. Sebastian using all his savings to buy blue chip stocks is definitely skating on thin ice.
  2. Going into a business without carrying out proper studies is like skating on thin ice.
  3. I feel their decision to get married after meeting just a week ago is like skating on thin ice.
  4. Because of his explosive temper, you always feel like you are skating on thin ice when around him.
  5. Amanda decided to skate on thin ice by quitting her day job to pursue her passion of wildlife photography.
  6. Rather than skate on thin ice by investing in risky ventures, people should hire a business and financial expert first.


This idiom is one that originated from Holland, now known as Netherlands. Skating originated from there and skating on thin ice was a phrase commonly used especially when seas/rivers/streams freeze during the winter and then people skate over them. In some areas, the ice is thin and can crack, causing the skater to fall into the freezing water and possibly die if not saved.

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