ray of sunshine

ray of sunshine


  • someone or something that brings hope into the lives of others
  • A person who brings joy to others especially during times of difficulty


  1. Amid the sorrow her son had been a real ray of sunshine.
  2. It is easy to add joy to a happy person's life but not everyone is a ray of sunshine when one is in need.
  3. Reading good books is a ray of sunshine for me when I feel gloomy being stuck in a particular situation.
  4. Her students proved to be ray of sunshine for her when she was was trying to cope up with the grief of losing her dog.
  5. Prayers and blessings are said to be the real ray of sunshine for someone in a situation that seems difficult.
  6. He came as a ray of sunshine in his life when he was lost due to a broken relation. They have been best friends now.
  7. Poetry is a ray of sunshine in my life because it has helped me move out of the ghastly situations and take control of my life.

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