Idioms beginning with J

just what the doctor ordered
just what the doctor ordered Synonym | Variant exactly what the doctor ordered Meaning exactly what was wanted or needed just the right thing at the right time ... Read on
just in case
just in case Meaning to do something as a precautionary measure to engage in something that is meant as an alternative in case the original does not work ... Read on
joined at the hip
joined at the hip Meaning two people who are inseparable two people closely connected, or always together two people who spend more time together than is usual Example ... Read on
jot or tittle
jot or tittle Meaning A very small amount. A tiny portion of something. Example Sentences I don’t want a jot or tittle of it, I want the whole ... Read on
jump the gun
jump the gun Meaning: start something too soon or early, especially without thinking do something before it should be done act before the proper time begin something before ... Read on
just deserts
just deserts Meaning | Synonyms get what one deserves punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved what you deserve what's coming to you ... Read on
Jack of all trades
Jack of all trades (and master of none) Meaning | Synonyms someone who is competent at many things but does not excel at any of them used to ... Read on
jump in at the deep end
jump in at the deep end Meaning: start a new job or activity without being prepared for it. Example: He is jumping in at the deep end, acting ... Read on
jump to conclusion
jump to conclusion Meaning: form an opinion or judgement hastily. Example: Wait till we get the report; don't jump to a conclusion.

Idiom of the Day

in the air
in the air Meaning | Synonyms something like a mood that everybody can feel you can sense/feel/smell/taste it but not see it it might be a change in ... Read on


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