hit the books


hit the books

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to study very hard
  • to start studying
  • to get engaged reading books

Example Sentences

  1. I have an exam tomorrow, I need to hit the books tonight.
  2. The exams are only a month away, if you don’t hit the books now, you’ll surely fail.
  3. Its time to turn off the computer and hit the books.
  4. I’ve had enough of time wasting. I’m going to hit the books from today, else I won’t clear the test.
  5. I’m doing research on the ancient civilizations of the world. I’ll go to the library and hit the books to see what I can find there.
  6. In order to learn the language, you not only need to hit the books, but also converse with people.
  7. I’m going to hit the books once she comes. Studying together can be fun.
  8. Why don’t you hit the books to find out more about that subject?
  9. Whenever I feel bored a bit – I often hit the books.
  10. The secret to getting Eric’s first place in the exam is that he hits the books earlier morning everyday for hours.


Although the precise origin of this phrase is not known but it can be correlate with other idioms which starts with the term “hit the” for example “hit the nail on the head” or “hit the sack“.

This phrase has been used since the mid 1900s.

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