fish for a compliment

fish for a compliment


  • It refers to an attempt to make someone say something nice to you or about you.
  • It implies being even manipulative to get a compliment on the work that has been done by a person on their face.

Example Sentences

  1. When the student said that he was still not confident of the subject after a score of 80 on 100 in the test, the teacher knew that he was only fishing for a compliment.
  2. I often feel that my husband could be more appreciative of how I look. I would not have to fish for compliments if he does it all by himself.
  3. My daughter loves to fish for compliments when she manages to do her homework all by herself.
  4. Fishing for compliments is not so bad when you know you have done well but your boss is just not appreciative.
  5. I’d love to fish for compliments but it is better to let my work speak for me.
  6. That guy is a thorough professional, I have never seen him fish for compliments.
  7. A lady should not have to fish for compliments, gentlemen ought to be pouring them in by themselves.

The origin of this phrase is unavailable.

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