dish fit for the gods


a dish fit for the gods


  • This refers to food that is of an exemplary quality
  • It literally means what it says, that is, the food is so good that it is good enough to be served to a God.
  • It also refers to offerings that many not necessarily be food but the phrase is seldom used in that context anymore.

Example Sentences

  1. She is such a wonderful cook. The cakes that she bakes are dish fit for the gods!
  2. I had this amazing Chinese soup at a restaurant. It was a dish fit for the gods.
  3. Generally his culinary skills are not great but today he has made a pie that is a dish fit for the gods.
  4. I could not go on with the kind of cooking that she did. But the minute I decided to change my housemaid she started churning out dishes fit for a god.

The phrase originates in the Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar in the year 1601. Brutus when killing Caesar, tells his men to be gentle. His speech contains that although they are killing Caesar, and that he would obviously bleed, the men should not tear him apart limb to limb. Brutus asked Caesar to be carved in a manner that he would be a dish fit for the Gods!

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