come to think of/about it


come to think of it
also, come to think about it


  • something that has just occurred to us as we speak
  • something remembered or reflected on at this moment
  • used to add something that has just been thought of
  • said after a sudden realization

Example Sentences

  1. Come to think of it, add potatoes and carrots to the list.
  2. She always looked so frazzled, but come to think of it, so would I if I had a full-time job and three small kids.
  3. I was going to catch the 5 PM train but when I came to think about it, I changed it to a later one because it’s too busy then.
  4. When you come to think about it, she is far too carefree for her own good.
  5. Do you think we could rearrange the meeting next week? Now I come to think about it, I have an appointment that I can’t get out of.
  6. She’s probably right when you come to think about it.
  7. I was so poorly after that meal last night and now I come to think about it there was garlic and onions in the sauce. No wonder, they upset my stomach.


We are not able to find any information on the history of this phrase.

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