all singing, all dancing


all singing, all dancing


  • Something that is full of verve, vivacity and liveliness.
  • Something that is full of life.
  • It is a description of something that is amazing.

Example Sentences

  1. She went home from the play all singing all dancing. It was one of the liveliest performances that she had ever witnessed.
  2. His stand-up comedy is amongst the best I have seen. Everyone goes home all singing, all dancing.
  3. To say no to an invitation from him is just not done. He hosts the best parties ever, all singing, all dancing.
  4. He is all singing, all dancing all the time. Joie de vivre is something that everyone can learn from him.
  5. She is able to make even the dullest person go all singing and all dancing. Her interaction with people is just amazing to watch.

In the recent times, this idiom is used to point something that has got many features, qualities and characteristics.

This idiom was first used in the year 1929 in an advertisement for a musical film which was meant to describe the film in a literal sense. The next popular literary use is from 1995 where the ‘Daily Telegraph’ printed the idiom in their newspaper.

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