Idioms beginning with H

haste makes waste
haste makes waste Meaning if you do things too quickly, you can make mistakes hurrying will result in poor endings you will make mistakes if you are too ... Read on
hard cheese
hard cheese also tough cheese Meaning bad luck, tough luck a difficult, unpleasant or adverse situation said to indicate lack of sympathy for someone’s adverse situation Example Sentences The construction ... Read on
have eyes only for
have eyes only for also only have eyes for Meaning be attracted to someone exclusively be romantically interested or loyal to one person desire someone want no one else but ... Read on
head over heels
head over heels also head over heels in love / fall head over heels for someone Meaning fall deeply and completely in love, especially suddenly madly in love be very much ... Read on
have a soft spot
have a soft spot for someone Meaning like someone a lot feel a lot of affection for someone a strong liking for someone be emotionally vulnerable about someone ... Read on
have the hots for
have the hots for someone Meaning be very sexually attracted to someone desire someone sexually be sexually aroused by someone think someone to be sexually attractive Example Sentences ... Read on
hissy fit
throw a hissy fit Meaning To throw a tantrum. An outburst. A temperamental explosion. To show that one is disturbed and angry. Example Sentences A hissy fit is ... Read on
having a crush
having a crush on Meaning infatuated with someone have strong feelings of love for someone have romantic feelings for a person, usually for a short time and with ... Read on
harp on
harp on Meaning To speak in a boring tone. To speak continuously about something that is not interesting. To emphasize on something that it puts other people off. ... Read on
happy as a clam
as happy as a clam Meaning To be very happy. Someone who is content and which shows on him. Example Senteces Although the job does not pay very ... Read on

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as soon as
as soon as Meaning: when, just after something. Example: He get the auto-rickshaw as soon as he reached to the bus stop.


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