way around


way around


  • to find an alternative for something, someone or to perform a task
  • to find a solution
  • another way to do something

Example Sentences

  1. The way around such a problem would mean that we lose another 6 months in the completion of this project.
  2. I don’t see any way around this issue.
  3. The only way around this is that we get married without their blessings. They are our parents and will forgive us one day.
  4. Can you see a way around the muddy garden?
  5. The way around the place took me longer but it was a safer route.
  6. My sister would always find her way around my parents but I could never do it with the same ease.
  7. The chopper helps with all the chopping in the kitchen these days. It is a fabulous way around to using big knives.
  8. Do you know the way around these instructions? I am not sure I can read so many pages.
  9. I have come to accept that there is no way around walking over this swamp.


The phrase comes from regular parlance and is popular in both, UK as well as US English. The origin of the phrase is believed to be from the UK though.

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