under a cloud

under a cloud


  • under suspicion
  • to become out of favour or to be in trouble
  • to be seen as being dishonest, suspicious, untrusted etc.
  • not be trusted
  • suspected of some wrong doing, damaged reputation, humiliation

Example Sentences

  1. The luxury transport industry is under a cloud at the moment after newspapers revealed that many indulged in illegal activities.
  2. Recent corruption charges on the ruling political party have made every government action under a cloud.
  3. Until proven innocent, every manager of the company is under a cloud.
  4. Ever since his family found out of his theft, he has been under a cloud.
  5. The coach resigned under a cloud over his outdated yet stubborn rules and regulations.
  6. Although the inquiry is underway after goods were found missing from the warehouse, the storekeeper was asked to resign on suspicion of stealing and he left under a cloud.
  7. The luxury transport industry is presently under a cloud after newspapers revealed that many indulged in illegal activities.
  8. Sudden death of his close friend has made him under the cloud.


The origins of the phrase can be traced back to the dark medieval times (around early 14th and 15th century) where dark clouds represented ominous misfortune and hard / bad luck. This phrase figuratively means that a black cloud is hanging over someone.

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AuthorNaveen Kumar writes on 25th September 2016

What is the another meaning of under a cloud idiom?
1. Sad
2. Confused

Please answer as fast as possible.

AuthorAbdul Wahab writes on 3rd May 2017

Confused is correct because under a cloud mean in trouble and not sad moreover after “under the cloud” anything may b sad, but whenever it remains in “under the cloud” he is in trouble and he is confused…
I know that I know much but can’t explain other.
I tried my best dear.

AuthorAminah writes on 16th January 2016

Can we make a sentence that?
Someone stole the money at work, and now the manager was under a cloud.

AuthorAbdul Wahab writes on 3rd May 2017

It is correct, moreover?
“If you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you are right.”

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