put damper on

put a damper on


  • to discourage someone from doing something that they want to
  • to show the negative side of something which will lead to the plan of the person wanting to do it, spoilt
  • to dull down or numb an experience that was otherwise anticipated to be enthralling or exciting
  • to make something or an experience less enjoyable than expected

Example Sentences

  1. The rain today put a damper on the picnic plans.
  2. He loves to put a damper on every plan that I make!
  3. The news of our uncle’s demise put the damper on the entire wedding event.
  4. This movie was supposed to be the best one this year and you have put a damper on it for me by revealing the climax.
  5. The rain often puts a damper on my friends’ New Year plans in this part of the world.
  6. Just because he lost his wallet does not mean that he gets to put a damper on my evening too. I am going for the party whether he wants to come along or not.
  7. We fell ill as soon as we landed which put a damper on the entire trip.
  8. The violence before the round table conference is bound to put the dampers on the peace talks.


The phrase originates in England and is speculated to be coming from the damp weather in the region.

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