pay the piper

pay the piper


  • to bear the ill-effects of something that was enjoyable at one time
  • to have to pay for something that was fun
  • to be bearing the consequences of something that was enjoyed
  • to pay the cost for decadent activities

Example Sentences

  1. The man controlled every aspect of his wife’s life until he was asked to pay the piper.
  2. I paid the piper. The movie show that I had booked for the entire staff is now fully paid for.
  3. The lady took my services but now refuses to pay the piper.
  4. Nobody likes to pay the piper but you will eventually have to pay for the damage that you have caused in your juvenility.
  5. Paying the piper is the right thing to do.
  6. When exams are near every student should pay the piper by studying extra hours to get passed.


Believed by many to be originated from the story of “Pied Piper of Hamelin” in which a piper got rid of the rats in a town but when he was not paid, he kidnapped the children in the same manner and they were at last required to “pay the piper”, but it may not be the accurate origin.

The another thought about the origin of “pay the piper” expression comes from paying a musician at the end of the performance. This is something that people do not like doing even though they would have enjoyed the tune to their fullest.

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