buzz word


buzz word


  • a phrase that is used to describe a word or phrase that is popular in a group of people
  • it is used to indicate a popular word
  • a word that is often repeated but is common knowledge to only a few people, usually in a group together
  • a fashionable jargon

Example Sentences

  1. The college students these days have many buzz words that their parents do not understand.
  2. I don’t know about all the buzz words that you use.
  3. ‘Optimisation’ is the new buzz word at my work.
  4. My boss uses this buzz word a lot but some of my colleagues do not even understand it.
  5. She does not see that her kids are using buzz words especially so that she does not understand their conversation.
  6. Between him and me we have some buzz words which say something but mean something totally different.
  7. He thinks he is a famous designer just because he uses buzz words when he is giving interviews.
  8. ‘Ecotourism’ is another new buzz word in the travel industry.


The phrase emphasizes on the buzzing (fussing) around a phrase or a word that is either popular or famous within a particular group. It is used popularly in fashion and movie news reporting.

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