betwixt and between

betwixt and between


  • to be undecided about something
  • a state of confusion
  • something that is unresolved
  • to be in between a decision and not want to move in either direction
  • an intermediate position where the decision is still pending to be made

Example Sentences

  1. The girl was betwixt and between which of her parents to choose during the divorce trial.
  2. I am betwixt and between these two dresses to wear for the party tonight.
  3. He is betwixt and between about going to the United States for further studies. On one hand he wants to start supporting the family business and on another he feels the qualification is important to take care of the business.
  4. I am betwixt and between with regards to the party invitation.
  5. My infant son seemed betwixt and between when choosing between his favourite toy and his favourite food.
  6. She is betwixt and between about going Canada.


In old and middle English, the term betwixt has been used the same way as the word 'between' is used currently. So in actuality, both the main words in the phrase mean the same thing, which is to be in between. It emphasizes on the state of confusion. The first usage of this idiom was found in 1789.

This idiom is also found in a novel "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson published in 1886. "Betwixt and between, said I, not to annoy him; although I was indeed a Whig and as loyal to King George as Mr. Campbell could make me." - From "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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Thank you a million for bringing the meaning of this idiom so clearly for me.
It has been the first time I came across it.

- Anna July 28, 2018

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