all the best


all the best


  • a polite way to end a letter or email
  • all of the best, meaning the entire number of the highest quality of something
  • when you are saying goodbye to someone and you are conveying your best wishes

Example Sentences

  1. We would like to wish you all the best in the year to come.
  2. The players that are on stage are all of the best hockey players that the school has.
  3. When he left to go on his trip, his parents wished him all the best, meaning that they wished him well and only wanted good things to befall him.
  4. “We wish you and your family all the best in this new chapter of your career.” The letter from my dad’s company read when he took a new job in another city.
  5. Our principal said that he would take all of the best writers to the conference in Los Angeles next weekend, I hope that I am good enough to join them.


The word best has its origin before 900 CE, it is from the Middle English word beste. It is an adjective and is the superlative of the word good. (Good Better Best) meaning something of the highest quality.

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When someone said all the best to me. I started crying.

‒ Dave Finney November 28, 2020

I think example number 2 is not fitting with the idiom ALL THE BEST. If it is correct then sorry but I need to know, so, posted a comment.

‒ Amit February 1, 2019

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