up to the mark
up to the mark Meaning to be good enough as good as expected to meet a minimum standard of quality to step up to the mark means to ... Read on
hang up
hang up Meaning to disconnect a phone call. It is often used when someone does not want to continue a conversation something that prohibits someone from making progress ... Read on
give up
give up Meaning to stop trying to figure something out to stop trying to do something to declare defeat to yield control to someone else to abandon yourself ... Read on
speak up
speak up Meaning raise your voice to talk very loudly or distinctly in order to be heard to express your own opinion or defend someone without fear and ... Read on
what are you up to
what are you up to Meaning another way to ask someone, what are you doing? used to inquire what someone is doing at a point in time an ... Read on
high up
high up Meaning to have an important standing in society a higher-ranking person in any organization, group or society to be regarded as an influential person in an ... Read on
stay up
stay up Meaning not go to sleep to remain awake late into the night to be awake past the time you were meant to go to sleep or ... Read on
don’t give up the day job
don’t give up the day job also, don’t quit your day job Meaning | Synonyms a usually humorous way of telling someone not to pursue something full time ... Read on
take up the cudgels
take up the cudgels Meaning | Synonyms argue strongly in support or against somebody or something to support someone very strongly to defend someone against an accusation Example ... Read on
up in arms
up in arms Meaning | Synonyms angry rebellious eagerly oppose or protest something Example Sentences My mom was up in arms about the new salary cuts rumoured to ... Read on

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an item
be an item Meaning be involved in a romantic relationship a couple having a romantic relationship two people who are lovers Example Sentences John and Sally are frequently seen ... Read on


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