on the crest of a wave

Meaning: to reach the highest point of success

Example: The music band comprising engineering students is currently on the crest of a wave, with a launch of new album it has planned for next year. Read on

clean sweep

Meaning: an irresistible victory

Example: The forecasters are predicting of making a clean sweep for the ruling party in the approaching election. Read on

make it big

Meaning: become very successful or famous

Example: I always knew that someday my life would flip and I would make it big. Read on

a blind alley

Meaning: a dead end

Example: The latest scientific theory may turn out to be a blind alley. Read on

go with a bang

go with a bang Meaning: very exciting and successful. Example: We take part in the events organized by Jack and Rose Events Company, because they go with a … Read on

in the ascendant

Meaning: to become more powerful

Example: The Jones' have been in the ascendant ever since the 1800's. They are now the most influential family in the United Kingdom, after the Queen's own of course. Read on

alive and kicking

Meaning: lively and active

Example: She hadn't met her younger sister after her marriage and was delighted to see her alive and kicking at a social event last weekend. Read on

come of age

Meaning: become an adult, reach adult status

Example: After years of experimentation with colors and strokes, his painting has come of age. Read on

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pour oil on troubled waters

Meaning: try to calm, soothe or placate a problematic situation

Example: She's such a calm person; last week, the whole office was in uproar until she stepped in and poured oil on troubled waters. Read on


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