many hands make light work

many hands make light work


  • to come together for a cause
  • to want to protect something or someone as a group
  • to unite in the face of adversity

Example Sentences

  1. The workers gathered when the company was facing financial trouble to raise capital and proved that many hands make light work.
  2. I have seen that many hands make light work when your family faces difficult.
  3. In such a situation your only option is to ask for help from your family and friends because many hands make light work.
  4. The troops really proved that many hands make light work when they were posted in such a bad weather.
  5. In this scenario the only thing that your family will do is either support you unconditionally or desert you. They have to come forward and prove that many hands make light work.


It is common knowledge that in the face of adversity, in order to be able to protect the vulnerable, people join forces in a similar manner when hands are seen covering the flame of a candle when the wind is high. It makes the light work through protecting it. The phrase is ancient and is speculated have originated in medieval England and spread from there on.

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1 Comment

AuthorAnonymous writes on 4th November 2018

“Many hands make the light work” is a proverb not an idiom.

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