give hell

give hell


  • to give someone a harsh scolding
  • to give someone a bad time
  • to be cruel to a great extent
  • to have to go through severe conditions
  • could be used when describing relatively mild situations too, so as to make them seem more gruesome

Example Sentences

  1. That office gives hell to its employees because the boss is mean guy.
  2. I have been through hell in that place. There is no way that you will be able to make me go back there.
  3. She goes through hell with that man every single day. I am not even sure why she is still with him.
  4. The teacher will give you hell if you show up without completing the assignment.
  5. I got hell from the doctor when he found out I was not following the dietary restrictions that he had prescribed.
  6. It is correct that your wife gives you hell about not leading a healthy lifestyle.


The origination comes from the simile of hell with something that is difficult or gruesome. It is a direct comparison and is believed to have come from the Old English phrases where the Bible was referred in regular parlance.

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