belly laugh

belly laugh


  • to laugh uncontrollably
  • to laugh until one’s belly starts to shake
  • a very heavy laugh
  • to laugh loudly and heartily
  • a joke that is very funny
  • to burst out laughing
  • a loud laugh which cannot be controlled

Example Sentences

  1. The books by this author always give me a belly laugh.
  2. I really get belly laugh when I am talking with him. He is such a funny guy.
  3. She barely contained her belly laugh when the group of students fell down from the stairs. I suspect it was her mischief to begin with.
  4. Her belly laugh jokes are awesome and I attend every stand-up comedy event she holds in town.
  5. The prank was just meant as belly laugh and did not at all intend to hurt any feelings. The group has apologized for the same too.
  6. The cure to your sadness and depression is a belly laugh. You need no medicines.
  7. She believes that a belly laugh a day will keep her younger. I don’t know about you but I would like to follow such a positive person.
  8. Her random tweets often give me a belly laugh.
  9. It’s not often you read the books that give you a real belly laugh.


The origin is speculated to be from the 1920’s from the American English. The phrase literally refers to a moving belly when a person laughs loudly.

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