make it big


make it big

Meaning | Synonyms

  • become very successful or famous
  • to be extremely successful financially
  • to flourish in life and become prominent
  • used to express admiration for other’s success

Example Sentences

  1. I always knew that someday my life would flip and I would make it big.
  2. My brother made it big, but then he got addicted to drugs and lost it all.
  3. After 20 years of trying his luck, he finally won a lottery and made it big.
  4. Helen said,”You made it big! I am really happy for you and your kids.”
  5. Look at that necklace Rebecca! I always knew you would make it big.
  6. It is almost impossible to make it big in a country like America without contacts.
  7. Commitment is all you will ever need if you really want to make it big in this industry. You have a lot of competition here.
  8. It depends on you if you really want to make it big. You just need to work for it man!
  9. I just met Tony today at the mall. He made it big, man. He owns the Latest software company.
  10. Regardless of being very skilled it took him numerous years before he made it big in the New York city.


The origin of this idiomatic expression is not known to us. If you know more details about the origin of the idiom, please write it in the comments.

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