from time to time


from time to time

Meaning | Definition

  • every now and then
  • at periodic intervals

Example Sentences

  1. The kids write to me from time to time letting me know of their latest adventures.
  2. I go to check on my mother’s health from time to time.
  3. One must read about the current on-goings from time to time to stay updated about the latest changes in the world politics.
  4. I have downloaded new apps from time to time hoping that I will eventually get paid for this work but alas! It was all just a hoax.
  5. You should have this medicine from time to time to ensure that it helps you recover faster.
  6. I have been going to the store from time to time in order to be able to understand the working and operations better.
  7. She purchases a new piece of jewellery from time to time to keep updated with the fashion sense in her class of ladies.
  8. Can you update me about the situation from time to time?
  9. I would like to set this meeting up from time to time so we get a chance to talk about any deviations in the project.


From and to time in this case refer to a periodic interval within which something is checked or kept tabs on. The literary origin of the phrase could not be tracked accurately but the speculation is that it comes from the beginning of the 19th century.

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