wouldn’t dream of


wouldn’t dream of


  • wouldn’t consider doing something.
  • can’t imagine doing something.
  • can’t dare do something.
  • can never do something.
  • not occur to one, not consider.
  • would never think of.

Example Sentences

  1. I love school so much that I wouldn’t dream of missing school even a single day.
  2. My teacher is very tough, so I wouldn’t dream of not doing my assignment.
  3. Though she invited me to a movie, I wouldn’t dream of leaving home after my mother warned me not to do so.
  4. His father is very calm, so he wouldn’t dream of him being accused of that crime.
  5. Since we are punished when we get home late, I wouldn’t dream of arriving home late.
  6. Even though my younger brother cried to have my bike, I wouldn’t dream of giving it to him since it’s dangerous.
  7. He threatened to beat me, but I wouldn’t dream of keeping quiet after seeing him pick up someone else’s money.
  8. The way I love my mother, I wouldn’t dream of offending her, no matter what.
  9. Even if it were lying on my desk, I wouldn’t dream of taking another person’s money.


In the mid-thirteenth century, the word “dream” was used to mean a visual or aural sensation one experiences when asleep. It was later paired with other words to form verbs with different meanings, such as dream of. Even though there is no known old use of the idiom, Bruce Lehmann recently used it in 2019 when he told the police he wouldn’t dream of entering the minister’s office.

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