wouldn’t be caught dead

wouldn't be caught dead
also wouldn't be seen dead


  • dislike something very much
  • would never do something, usually due to dislike or because it is very embarrassing
  • would rather die than do something


  1. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing shoes like that. They are so old fashioned.
  2. He is a very ethical man with high morals; he wouldn't be caught dead doing anything illegal or unlawful.
  3. He wouldn't be caught dead going to a place like that.
  4. She feels he's a very creepy person. She wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with him.
  5. He values his job a lot and wouldn't be caught dead going against the company's directive.
  6. She was very conscious of her social image and wouldn't be caught dead doing anything that went against it.
  7. Ruth said she wouldn't be caught dead in a dress like the one Emily had worn to the party.
  8. He is a staunch atheist. He wouldn't be caught dead in a place of worship.

This phrase originated in the early 1900s.

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