recharge one’s batteries


recharge one’s batteries


  • take a break or holiday to relax and regain one’s vim and vigour
  • regain your strength and energy by resting and relaxing for a time
  • to pause, “unplug yourself” from work and seek to rejuvenate after being engaged in vigorous activities for a considerable amount of time
  • when someone does a lot of work, they get tired, and it is important for them to take a rest
  • our bodies need to be refreshed from time to time by taking enough time to relax

Example Sentences

  1. After all of this hard work, set some time aside to recharge your batteries.
  2. My mother came home at 3 am after a 6-hour long flight, and that is why she slept till 2 pm to recharge her batteries.
  3. John had been practising soccer the whole afternoon. That evening he had to take a long hot shower to recharge his batteries.
  4. Mandla had his final exams the following day, so he needed to sleep early to recharge his batteries.
  5. Two weeks away would give you time to rest and recharge your batteries.
  6. It’s time to escape somewhere so that I can truly recharge my batteries.


This idiom expression dates back in time to have been penned down by the famous British writer Winston Churchill. He used this idiom when writing numerous letters to his better half, Clementine. Their daughter Mary Soames brought this idiom into light when she echoed it in one of her biographies, Clementine Churchill (London: Cassell, 1979.) It has also been famously used by St. Johnsbury Caledonian and St. Paul Globe in their writing. This idiom has been cited by the 3rd Edition Oxford English Dictionary.

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