de jure


de jure

Meaning | Synonyms

  • having a right or existence as stated by law
  • according to law
  • by right

Example Sentences

  1. The president aims to create a de jure one-party state.
  2. According to the law politicians and kings, de jure leaders of men.
  3. “Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to fighting for civil rights and justice for America’s black victims of de jure and de facto discrimination.” – Bill Maxwell; To Honor King, Live Up to Him; St. Petersburg Times (Florida); Jan 17, 2010.
  4. De jure recognition of the new government
  5. Lawfully, a practice may be in place de jure but the people may not obey or observe the contract.
  6. Women de jure equality may be an accepted truth but the reality is that women don’t enjoy equality in many spheres of life.


De jure (in traditional Latin de iure) is an idiom that means “regarding law”, as compared with de facto, which means “in fact”. The expressions de jure and de facto are used as an alternative of “in law” and “in practice”, respectively, when one is explaining political or lawful state of affairs.

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Simply put using In actuality as De facto and By right as De jure in use for a sentence
and kept that way easier for me to be understood. πŸ‘

‒ Hector M Ramirez November 9, 2020

De facto” means facts or traditions.

These standards are developed without any formal planning.

While “de jure” means according to Law or regulation.

These standards are developed with proper research to fulfill the requirement of Data communication.

‒ Faisal Shahzad September 24, 2020

I am confused and having trouble in understaning De jure and De facto. How sad. πŸ™

‒ Jo September 9, 2020

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