off on the wrong foot
off on the wrong foot Meaning off to a bad start begin something incorrectly begin badly start off something in a way that is likely to fail Example ... Read on
like a chicken with its head cut off
like a chicken with its head cut off Meaning act in a frenzied manner behave in a distracted, crazy way in a frantic and disorganized manner be in ... Read on
wear off, out
wear off or wear out Meaning Something that deteriorates or changes by wearing Something that diminishes slowly due to washing, getting scrapped and rubbed. A garment that can ... Read on
warn off
warn someone off Meaning: inform someone forcefully to stay at a distance to advise someone to refrain from some activities because of involved risks or other reasons to ... Read on
take the edge off
take the edge off Meaning: blunt the effect of reduce the impact of make less severe Examples: Have a painkiller – it’ll take the edge off the pain your ... Read on
off the cuff
off the cuff Meaning in an unguarded way to speak without any preparation to speak something without thinking about it spontaneous, casual, extempore and informal remark Example Sentences ... Read on
better off
better off Meaning to shun someone or something away so that it becomes better than before to have a better time by making a change of cutting something ... Read on
bite off more than can chew
bite off more than one can chew Meaning try to do more than one is able to do undertake a promise one cannot accomplish attempt to do something ... Read on

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an item
be an item Meaning be involved in a romantic relationship a couple having a romantic relationship two people who are lovers Example Sentences John and Sally are frequently seen ... Read on


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