no love lost

no love lost

also little love lost, no / little love lost between


  • there is a mutual dislike between two people
  • there is no feeling of respect or affection between two people
  • two people who do not like each other
  • ill will, hate, animosity between two people

Example Sentences

  1. Bob and Jill cannot get along together. There is no love lost between them.
  2. The brothers were always at loggerheads with each other, There was little love lost between them.
  3. There was no love lost between Sam and Dennis. They could never work together.
  4. He and his agent had a curious relationship. Although they had to work together all the time, there was no love lost between them.
  5. Tracy and Sandra don’t even acknowledge each other’s presence when they are together for some reason. There is no love lost between them.
  6. Stuart and Harry had been friends once, but after they had a big fallout a few years back, now there is little love lost between them.
  7. He did not care that his business partner was going through difficult times; there was no love lost between them, although they worked together.

This phrase originated in the 1500s and till the 1800s, meant either there was extreme love or extreme hate. In current usage, though, it signifies hate exclusively.

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