cupboard love


cupboard love


  • affection given in order to gain a reward
  • love shown by someone in order to get what they want
  • love given in order to get something from someone
  • a show of love inspired by some selfish or greedy motive
  • a show a love that stems from the hope of some gain
  • insincere or superficial love motivated by selfish interest

Example Sentences

  1. I had suspected all along that Jane’s affair with that man was just cupboard love. What she really liked about him was his big mansion and luxurious car.
  2. They children usually never pay much attention to the old man, though he tries to speak with them; but they show him a lot of cupboard love when he get some candies and chocolates for them.
  3. I believe its just cupboard love that holds them together. She loves the security he provides and he loves her great cooking.
  4. It’s cupboard love for sure between those two, but let’s hope it is good while it lasts.
  5. In a typical display of cupboard love, the child ran to her and jumped into her lap as soon as she brought out the toy she had got for him
  6. It’s cupboard love I know, but at least they will be fond of me for as long as I keep bringing them gifts.

This phrase originated in the mid 1700s. It derives from the way a cat shows superficial love for a person who feeds it, or for the cupboard that holds its food.

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