green around the gills

green around the gills


  • Someone who looks sick or nauseated.
  • Just before a person is about to vomit, their cheeks and lips turn pale and eyes become half lidded, this is known as getting green around the gills.
  • The phrase is also referred to for motion, car or even sea sickness.
  • The drool seen before vomiting and overindulgence that causes is are associated with this phrase.

The word ‘around’ in this phrase can be changed to ‘about’ or ‘at’.

Example Sentences

  1. You need not know all the rules to understand that this kind of turbulent weather makes anyone on board go green around the gills. The cruise should have been stopped for a while.
  2. You have had so much to eat at the party that you look green about the gills now.
  3. The roller coaster is built in such a way that the people on it always come out looking green at the gills.
  4. His driving is so bad that I always turn green around the gills when I am sitting with him in the car.
  5. The trip was excellent but all the food has made me go green around the gills. I don’t think that I can hold on much longer.

The origin of this phrase is unavailable.

To throw up.

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