cold feet

Meaning: loss of courage

Example: He got cold feet when heard the news of his transfer to remote area of the country which is hundreds of miles from his home town. Read on

pour cold water on

Meaning: deter or discourage somebody

Example: It is not nice to pour cold water on someone's plan when you do not want to be a part of it in the first place. Read on

catch a cold

catch a cold Meaning: suffer a financial loss. Example: Like my elder brother Brian Reddik tried the offshore business of education, but he catches a cold just after … Read on

cold comfort

Meaning: insufficient ease, sympathy, or encouragement

Example: A small increment after two years is cold comfort. Read on

blow hot and cold

Meaning: to sometimes like or be interested in something or somebody and sometimes not

Example: Why are you blowing hot and cold simultaneously? Tell me clearly whether you want to go with it, or not. Read on

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take it on the chin

Meaning: this is a boxing metaphor meaning don't shy away from difficulty

Example: You're going to have to take it on the chin when your father gets home and sees what you've done. Read on


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