bang on


bang on


  • to be exact; to be correct; to be proper
  • to be most accurate
  • to be on target or precise

Example Sentences

  1. The documentary was bang on the subject of female foeticide.
  2. He is always bang on when he makes a speech.
  3. This food critic is usually bang on about his assessment of restaurants.
  4. The cakes that she baked for this food festival were bang on.
  5. The champion was decided based on the bang on precision throw by each one.
  6. This boy is bang on for you to date. Don’t let him go.
  7. The quote on his tee shirt was bang on about his personality.
  8. The sad music describes my mood bang on.
  9. The theme of the party was bang on to invite more meaningful conversations among teens.
  10. A red carpet event was the bang on end to this amazing year that I spent in Europe.
  11. You said the Congress will get 240 seats, didn’t you? You were bang on.
  12. Jack told us to that this is the only way to reach at the top of that mountain and he was bang on.


The phrase is predominantly speculated to be British in origin but there are speculations of it coming from the late American way of speaking. The first literary origin recorded is from the year 1936.  It is a slang so is not considered proper to be used in formal settings though.


  • right on
  • dead on

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