at sea

Meaning: It means to be confused or not understand something at all.

Example: I was at sea when he started discussing quantum physics during dinner. Read on

water under the bridge

Meaning: past events that are not important anymore

Example: We used to have big disagreements some years back, but that's all water under the bridge now. We get along fine. Read on

like or as a duck to water

like or as a duck to water Meaning: – to do something very quickly and enjoy doing it – easily and naturally – to have a usual aptitude … Read on

in deep water

Meaning: a very serious situation

Example: The political party is in deep water after it was discovered that their candidate had lied in the report. Read on

on the crest of a wave

Meaning: to reach the highest point of success

Example: The music band comprising engineering students is currently on the crest of a wave, with a launch of new album it has planned for next year. Read on

pour cold water on

Meaning: deter or discourage somebody

Example: It is not nice to pour cold water on someone's plan when you do not want to be a part of it in the first place. Read on

Adam’s ale

Meaning: water

Example: It is blistering hot outside, I could really do with an iced cold glass of Adam's ale. Read on

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Idiom of the Day


Meaning: to escape from somewhere violently

Example: The breakout was so sudden that the guards did not even have the time to process what happened. Read on


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