point out

point out


  • to identify something within a group
  • to bring attention to something or someone
  • to show someone who or what a person or thing is (to indicate)
  • to tell someone something

Example Sentences

  1. I have to go to the office to point out the person that keeps jamming the printer.
  2. Please read through all of the work and make sure to point out the mistakes.
  3. The teacher will point out all of the students who are not keeping up their grades.
  4. As soon as we get to the conference I will point out which members of the board you need to impress.
  5. Will you please point out all of the issues with the house that you need fixed?
  6. My sister pointed out that my brother always seems to become ill when it is his turn to clean the kitchen.
  7. She pointed out that we need more glue in order to complete the poster.


The phrase has been in use since the late 1400s. If you use the phrase literally it means to point to something. When used figuratively it means to indicate something, usually out of a group of things. It is used as phrasal verb in a sentence.


point at; indicate; call attention to; reveal; show; mention; identify; draw attention to; refer to

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