suited and booted


suited and booted


  • formally dressed; well dressed
  • to get ready for something important and big
  • to wear the best clothes in order to attend an important function

Example Sentences

  1. The party was all suited and booted to go out tonight but then the weather caught on and everything had to be cancelled.
  2. Even the babies at this party were so well suited and booted that one ought to have felt bad for underdressing for sure.
  3. He had make a real attempt to suit and boot when he had made up his mind to propose to her.
  4. I remember the balls that your father took me to when we were young. He would be all suited and booted. I can still see his cheerful smile through the evening.
  5. My grandfather would be suited and booted to go to the church every Sunday up until the time that he passed away. I carry his legacy now by doing the very same things on Sundays.
  6. The fact that you are suited and booted does not make you any less of a hooligan.


The phrase is speculated to have originated from the east. “Suited and booted” is a British expression which is most probably originated in India at the time when British rules in India. The suit and boot are a popular Indian way of asking to get ready or get prepared for a big event.

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Its beautiful it has a catch to it. Piece of cake

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