on cue


on cue
also right on the cue


  • to happen at the precise moment
  • something that takes place at the right moment
  • something that is set off because of another action and makes the situation complete, so to speak
  • right on target
  • on the mark
  • something happens just after somebody has said or thought it would happen

Example Sentences

  1. The race started right on cue. It was indeed enthralling to watch.
  2. It was almost as if on cue that I met your father. I had lost all hope of finding someone as my life partner but there he was. Then I got another blessing – you!
  3. Just as the detective stared working on the cue, he was able to find several more and eventually cracked the case in a week.
  4. Just as the happy couple was about to say their marital vows, right on cue, the little baby started to cry.
  5. The train started right on the cue that was provided by the guard outside.
  6. The teacher takes the test for the students on getting the cue of them having understood the lesson.
  7. Just when I was wondering where she could be, then right on cue, she appeared.


The origin of this phrase is speculated to be from the American English. The literary origin of the phrase is yet to be ascertained but the phrase has been around since the early 19th century.

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