it’s anyone’s call


it’s anyone’s call


  • a competition where the outcome is difficult to predict or judge
  • a situation where all possible outcomes are equally likely

Example Sentences

  1. I think this year’s election would be anyone’s call. Both the candidates seem to have an equally divided support base.
  2. The fight between the two boxing champions could be anyone’s call. Both the boxers are equally matched.
  3. I guess its anyone’s call on who would win tonight’s game. Both the teams have been performing well and are in the form of their lives.
  4. “Who do you think will win the race today?” “Well, its anyone’s call, really.”
  5. Its anyone’s call on which way the results will go. Either way, we have to be prepared for the next step.
  6. At the halfway stage of the big match, it was anyone’s call on who would win. Both were playing well and were evenly placed.

The phrase most likely originated in sports where a referee had to “make a call”, or take a decision. When there was a close situation and a decision was difficult to make, it was referred to as “anyone’s call”, implying that no one’s information was better than any other person’s.

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