in tandem


in tandem


  • one after another
  • alongside each other
  • together
  • group of two things or people working together


  1. He often works in tandem with an engineer, one coding for the website and the other taking care of website design.
  2. This actress has worked in tandem with the same script writer on several documentaries.
  3. Those two swimmers have worked in tandem for several swim relays & won many trophies for the country.
  4. The dining for the VIPs in the mega event was placed in a tandem arrangement by the organizers.
  5. The designers that have worked in tandem for various fashion shows married last week in London.
  6. Virat & Raina have worked in tandem while batting for various T-20 matches & scored centuries several times. But they couldn’t create the show this time during the world cup.

With its origin in Latin, tandem means ‘at length’. It was at first used in English as an expression for a carriage drawn by two horses harnessed one in front of the other. The first meaning reflects this late 18th-century sense, but since the middle of 20th century this idiom has been commonly used to mean simply ‘working as a team or a group’.

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